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Pipeline Coating Systems
The Oil and Gas Industry

Polyseal Insulation polyurea's strengths are tailored to fill the gaps left by traditional coating products used in the oil and gas industry and is the ideal coating product for the oil and gas industry's many coating needs from pipelines to primary and secondary containment.

Pipeline Coatings Mat-Su Valley Possible Applications

Polyseal Insulation polyurea's ease of application and ability to be used directly on steel, polyurethane foam, or mineral wool, make it an ideal universal anticorrosion coating product for entire pipelines including trunk and well-flow lines regardless of process temperature.

Pipeline Coatings Mat-Su Valley The fact it can be used above or below ground, or in fresh or salt water regardless of depth, makes it the most versatile coating product available to the oil and gas industry.

It is also ideal for lining primary and secondary containment regardless of the substrate including-steel, geotextile fabric, concrete, or earth.

Seamless Membrane

Polyseal Insulation polyurea chemically binds to itself producing a seamless membrane after installation for pipelines and other applications. Since a majority of coating failures are at the seams the fact polyurea has no seams greatly reduces the potential for coating failures.

Polyurea vs. other Pipe Coating Material

Polyseal Insulation polyurea is the most advanced coating available, and easily surpasses the coating products traditionally used in the oil and gas industry in physical properties, performance, application and installation time, and most importantly cost.

Utilizing our lathe technology a complete coating facility can be built quickly at minimal costs in strategic locations - including next to the ROW. Polyseal Insulation polyurea is also compatible with all other coating products, so it is an ideal option for a better field joining or repair material or the better product to add new sections to an existing trunk or well-flow line.

Polyurea is the ideal solution.