Polyurethane Roofing Foam - Mat-Su Valley
Primary and Secondary Containment Systems

Tank Containment Systems Mat-Su Valley Polyseal Insulation polyurea is an outstanding coating for primary and secondary containment due to its tensile strength, elongation, and resistance to tears, punctures, and chemicals.

When used as a primary or secondary containment coating, Polyseal Insulation polyurea can be applied over steel, geotextile fabric, concrete, wood, fiberglass, masonry, or even earth.

Tank Containment Systems Mat-Su Valley Polyurea and Concrete

Polyseal Insulation pure polyurea is an ideal choice for coating over concrete because Polyseal Insulation pure polyurea does not react with the moisture present in concrete that can cause pin holing or blisters with other coatings-especially polyurethane hybrids. Additionally, we offer a unique, inexpensive primer called PolyPrime.

Our PolyPrime is a special primer that penetrates and seals concrete reducing both pinholes and blisters. Additionally, Polyseal Insulation PolyPrime seals bugholes and other irregularities in concrete reducing the amount of polyurea required to form a seamless membrane.

Tank Containment Systems Mat-Su Valley Polyurea and Geotextile Fabrics

We have pioneered the use of the polyurea-geotextile fabric application. Using a unique geotextile fabric, Polyseal Insulation polyurea actually locks itself in place ensuring extremely high adhesion strength. This system performs as well as concrete retention structures or common seamed membranes at a fraction of the cost, and is ideal for large primary or secondary containment uses including: leech ponds, land fills, drain basins, tank farm liners, and other application where concrete or steel would be impractical.

Tank Containment Systems Mat-Su Valley Polyurea and Steel

Steel primary containment is often used in large cooling systems for power generation or manufacturing plants. Polyseal Insulation polyurea provides the required coating with minimum downtime, virtually no on-going maintenance, and absolutely no contamination to the system caused by the coating.

Polyurea's abrasion resistance also makes it functional for applications where mechanical agitators or other equipment are present regardless of substrate.

Ultra-High Corrosion and Temperature

Our High Temp Polyurea HT® is the best option for primary containment applications where the corrosion and temperature characteristics are ultra high.

HT® has been tested from the Alaska's frozen tundra to Indonesia's tropical jungle and everywhere in between. It can be applied at temperatures ranging from -30°C to 177°C. This aromatic polyurea elastomer displays excellent chemical resistance, thermal stability and UV resistance.