Polyurethane Roofing Foam - Mat-Su Valley
TUFF-TANK™ Coating Systems
Tank Coatings:

Polyurea coatings protect steel tanks from corrosion, chemicals, and other natural weather and jobsite elements.

Tank Coatings Mat-Su Valley With proper surface preparation, substrate condition, formulation choice, primers, and installation procedures, polyurea goes on fast and stays on long.

Polyureas are great for extending the life of older tanks and can offer limited structural characteristics as well.

These systems can be applied during primary construction or in a retrofit environment.

With their fast cure times they are ideal for retrofit since down time is significantly minimized compared to some competing materials.

Tank Linings:

Polyurea linings are resistant to many chemicals and industrial liquids. With their fast application advantages and ability to adhere to properly prepared substrates, polyureas are ideal for new storage tank primary lining and rehabilitation projects.

Polyurea vs. other Coating Materials:

Polyseal Insulation polyurea is the most advanced coating available, and easily surpasses the coating products traditionally used in the oil and gas industry in physical properties, performance, application and installation time, and most importantly cost...

Pipeline Coatings Mat-Su Valley Utilizing our lathe technology, a complete coating facility can be built quickly at minimal costs in strategic locations; including next to the ROW.

Polyurea is also compatible with all other coating products, so it is an ideal option for a better field joining or repair material and the better product to add new sections to an existing trunk or well-flow line.

Polyurea is the ideal solution.

TUFF-TANK™ Top Coat Physical Properties @ 24°C:

Solids by Volume
Tensile Strength
Elongation @ 25°C
Hardness (Shore A)
Tear Strength Die C
Flash Point Pensky-Martin
Service Temperature Range
Abrasion Resistance 1kg for 1000 Cycles CS 17
4500 psi / 31.04 mpa
570 pli / 99.5 KN/m
-30°C to 135°C
17 mg loss